We provide the secret sauce...

We specialise in collaborating with small enterprises that have limited financial resources, aiding in the transformation of great concepts into ventures that resonate with a specific market.

Our expertise in marketing spans more than two decades, particularly within the realm of small businesses. This extensive experience equips us with a diverse set of skills to craft compelling value propositions targeted at your ideal customer base. Recognising the value of time, we offer flexible services tailored to your needs—whether it’s managing all marketing efforts, handling select tasks, or formulating strategies that leverage cost-effective resources to help your business expand.

Full roadmap

We steer your business from its initial phase to crafting a solid brand, devising compelling content, and achieving lasting customer engagement with a strategic framework that clients can tailor and evolve independently.

Online plans

We develop an online marketing strategy that integrates social media and SEO, leveraging our expertise as a roadmap and utilizing a variety of online resources to enable your growth without incurring significant expenses.

Marketing Strategy

We will pen your marketing strategy building in a timescale for deployment and walk you through the process.


We don't like to bang our own drum...but we will. Our small team are experts in helping small projects go in the right direction.

New perspective

We look at your product from a new perspective and often open new channels of potential revenue.


Create a brand for multiple markets - don't fix yourself to one channel with our Kaizen approach to marketing.

Our Marketing Strategies

man using Apple computer
Time to launch?

Look North Digital will help take your tech product from the screen to the real world. Our founder works with each client to build a marketing plan to suit.

Perhaps you are looking to sell and need to prepare your product – we can help improve your position and ensure your business is appealing.

We work on a project or ongoing basis to suit any client requirement. Drop us an email, pick up the phone or DM us today.